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Thursday, January 29, 2015

AxleCrutch Solutions, LLC AxleCrutch™ & AxleCrutch-HD™ - Featured Sponsor

The first AxleCrutch™ idea and concept was invented over a decade ago by Dick Armstrong, an independent RV repairman from Yakima, WA, who spent several years developing and refining the AxleCrutch™ based on numerous customers who were stranded or broken down with axle, wheel or suspension problems and no readily accessible spare parts.  The AxleCrutch™ is an innovative product that temporarily overcomes towing problems on dual-axle vehicles with leaf spring suspension--experiencing tire, wheel bearing, hub, spindle, spring or axle failure. Like a spare tire for a car, the AxleCrutch™ is virtually a spare-tire, spare-wheel, spare-bearing, spare-hub, spare-spindle, spare-spring, spare-axle and more, for a multi-axle towed unit, all in one simple to use "peace of mind" travel accessory.  Sadly, Dick passed away unexpectedly shortly after his new device was patented and never saw it come to retail fruition. The AxleCrutch™ was placed on the shelf following Dick's passing and sat there undisturbed collecting dust for years. Then, in 2012, Dick's son, Rick Armstrong, dusted off the AxleCrutch™ and pledged to take his father's invention to market.

The AxleCrutch™ really is “peace of mind in a box” for anyone towing a multiple axle trailer with a leaf-spring suspension.  The AxleCrutch™ allows the user to maintain temporary mobility to safely tow a disabled vehicle off of the highway and into town for tire, wheel or suspension repairs that would otherwise require costly flatbed towing and extended time in harm’s way along the side of the highway.  With the AxleCrutch™ onboard, trips will no longer be subject to timely and costly roadside repairs because the user is prepared to remain temporarily mobile—and can even assist a fellow caravan traveler that may need assistance.   

Inspired by Rick's pledge and with a huge amount of determination the team at AxleCrutch™ Solutions LLC was formed.  The new AxleCrutch™ team, comprised of Dick's kids, several USMC veterans and the drive of the Bill McAnally Racing Team has but one mission: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest possible prices. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and in manufacturing the highest quality and most dependable American made temporary support device product on the market. When asked about the revival of the AxleCrutch™, Rick responded by stating, “This is what my dad always wanted to do with his AxleCrutch™ idea.  He would be excited about what the AxleCrutch™ team is doing to get a quality product to market.”  The AxleCrutch™ carries a lifetime warranty and is manufactured in Rancho Cordova, CA—Made in the USA!

AxleCrutch™ Details

  • The AxleCrutch™ is designed to eliminate the worry of axle, suspension, wheel, and tire related failure on a multiple-axle towed vehicle utilizing a conventional leaf-spring suspension.
  • The AxleCrutch™ works on travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, horse trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers and any other multiple-axle towed vehicle utilizing a conventional leaf-spring suspension.
  • The AxleCrutch™ easily stores behind the seat of a tow vehicle or in a storage compartment on a towed vehicle until it is necessary to use it.
  • The AxleCrutch™ easily installs in minutes with no tools needed other than a jack and lug-wrench.
  • The AxleCrutch™ product line is manufactured in America
  • The AxleCrutch-HD™ includes a heavier duty Grade 70 3/8” support chain and 3/8” support pin.
  • The AxleCrutch™ product line carries a lifetime warranty.
  • The AxleCrutch™ is protected by U.S. Patent and is a registered Trademark.
  • More information is available at

YouTube Installation Video:

AxleCrutch Solutions, LLC
193 Blue Ravine Road ▪ Suite 255 ▪ Folsom, CA  95630
Phone: (855)4CRUTCH ▪ Fax: (916)353-1085

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