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Friday, September 12, 2014

Featured Sponsor - PAN Grill-it™

On a very cold day in January of 2011, my dad and I were gearing up to grill for some friends and family at his house. We had lots of marinated kabobs and other things on the grill. My dad had asked me to check on the food. I bundled up and grabbed the tongs only to learn the propane tank went out. Other than driving on icy roads to get the tank filled, we decided to place it all in the oven. The outcome was so poor. I then said to my dad “there has to be a way we can grill indoors and do it healthy without smoking up the house” We both tossed around some ideas and then it hit me! A cast iron grill that is an insert for a 12” cast iron skillet and a 10.5” round cast iron griddle. My dad has 45 years experience of design in tool and die. He went to work and called me to come over his house to view his designs. I came and left 5 times before I said “Yes! “Now tweak this and add that” Not knowing anything about who makes cast iron in this country I started researching. I quickly learned that there is only one cast iron cookware foundry in our country. Having it made in the USA was a must. I knew I had only one shot and one phone conversation to convince them to make the product. They not only make our product but I’m also a dealer of their entire cast iron cookware line.

For two years now I have been traveling the country doing shows in different states promoting my product called the PAN Grill-it. I have been on national radio two times, countless PR write-ups in newspapers and magazines and also a live grilling demo on Fox 2 Detroit. I have done hundreds of grilling demos in the stores that carry my products. I had also started this year in January having only 112 likes on my Facebook Page to now 2,410. I had also been interviewed by ABC’s Shark Tank and made it to the video submission phase and for auditions for season 5 this fall. I’ve come a long way fast in just 2 years but, I know it’s been my hard work and determination that is a direct result to my success. I love what I do and consider my role as the messenger of good healthy eating. I am taking advantage of why our country is so great. Being an entrepreneur is the best lifestyle for me and my family.

I use to sell textbooks for 11 years and traveled a lot. Sleeping in hotels and never home. Now, I have time to do what I want when I want. Although, I do work over 50 hours a week, I would not change it for anything and will continue to work until the world learns that this is the healthiest way to grill/ cook your foods carcinogen free and gets better in use and time.

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