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Thursday, November 21, 2013

PA Member Spotlight - Technomads Chris & Cherie Search for Internet

Chris & Cherie of have been full time RVing since 2006. But unlike a lot of full time RVers, they are still of working age and run their software development & technology consulting business from wherever they are parked.

As internet is absolutely essential for them to work remotely, they decided to develop a mobile app to help them find bandwidth. A frequent problem they had was that there was no easy way to know upfront if a campground they were considering booking would have decent internet.

Sure, some park's advertise WiFi, but if the WiFi was not suitable enough - would they be able to connect via their various cellular data sources? Sure, they could go and check their carriers maps online (they personally travel with Verizon & AT&T), but this was slow and cumbersome. And of course, if they had no internet to begin with, they had no way to get online to check which direction to head to find signal. 

So they developed Coverage? - an app that overlays all of the major cellular carriers coverage maps, so they could quickly tell where there might be connectivity.

The maps are stored on the device, so they could get the information even when they had no signal. It's been an app that plays an important role in their own high-tech travels, and has been a decent seller in the app store for fellow frequent travelers and mobile bandwidth enthusiasts.

And as long-time Passport America members, the technomads first consult the Passport America app to see what 1/2 pricing camping options might be on their route - and then consult Coverage? to see what to expect for cellular signal.

Also by Technomadia: The Mobile Internet Handbook - US RVer Edition ( a guide to mobile internet options, and helping RVers decide what gear & plans they really need to meet their internet needs as they travel. 

More info:

You can get more information about the app, including a video demo, at:
The app is available in the App Store at:

About Cherie & Chris:

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  1. This Is what I need. I manage books for my church. It's frustrating when you arrive and drop anchor to find bad coverage. Thanks.


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