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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Featured Sponsor - Fifth Wheel Street

The Fifth Wheel Street (FWS) website was created in April 2011 and is the brainchild of RV owner, Dave Gray, who saw a need that was not being satisfactorily met for those towing 5th wheels, gooseneck, and conventional trailers. FWS is the one-stop self-help RV safety information resource for novice and experienced RVers. FWS provides tow ratings, vehicle tow rating reviews, tire load charts, towing guides, RV safety articles and videos, web-based apps, and smartphone apps. Over the past six years, Gray has published over 240 web pages and documents to aid the RV owner with all kinds of valuable RV safety information. FWS is located at

RV Tow Check
Gray's most used product, RV Tow Check, is a "Before you Buy an RV" app that is SAE J2807 compliant and it is designed for RV owners and dealers. RV Tow Check requires a minimum of four inputs and has two optional inputs. RV Tow Check uniquely provides realistic vehicle towing capacity for fifth wheel and conventional trailers simultaneously. RV Tow Check is available for smartphones. Learn more about RV Tow Check.

FWS RV Weight Safety Report
Gray's second-most used product is the RV Weight Safety Report, and it is the premier self-help RV safety app that provides the industry-leading 13-point weight safety report for fifth wheel or gooseneck trailers. The RV Weight Safety Report simplifies the tasks involved in weighing your tow vehicle and trailer with step-by-step instructions. The app is designed especially for fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer owners. The final report details 13 weighing points including 7 points indicating the safety margin or overload conditions by displaying red or green numbers. Learn more about the RV Weight Safety Report.

Truck Camper Load Check App
The Truck Camper Load Check (TCLC) app is expressly designed to assist truck owners or buyers with the safe selection of a truck camper for their truck. The TCLC app is a unique web-based app functional on most mobile devices. The app is simple to use and provides a viewable and printable worksheet and instructions. Buyers all too often learned too late, when the camper was lowered into the truck bed for the first time, that the rear springs flattened unsafely to the axle with the front end sticking way up into the air. Truck camper buyers can buy a camper with confidence when the use the TCLC app. This app is free and accessible at

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