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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Passport America Website and Features

After many months of development and testing our new website is finally here! However, we are not stopping development and more new features will be added in the coming months.

Here are some of the new features we hope you will find helpful during your searches for participating campgrounds:

New Campground Search

At the top of every page you will find the "Search Campground" field. You can type in the name, city, state and zip code to find matches of participating parks.

Once you click "search campgrounds" you will receive a list of the results. In this search example, "Carefree RV Resort" was used. The results returned every participating park with "Carefree RV Resort" in the name. 

From here you can then sort the list alphabetically by State, City or Campground by clicking on "State, City or Campground" in the blue bar. Then just click on the name of the park to go to the park's Passport America Campground Details.

New Campground Details 

All campground details are now available in a single page format. We have also included the icons from the printed directory and additional photos for some participating parks. Simply click on the photo thumbnail to view a larger version.

Below the icons we have added links to both the icon legend and print view for your convenience. The print view will only include contact info, icons, highlights, notes, directions and (if available) rentals and tents. Photos and testimonials are excluded from the print view.

Sorting Feature 

The new sorting feature is also available in other areas of the website. In the new and cancelled parks section you will be able to sort according to state, city and campground. In addition, you can now sort according to the join or inactive date.

The Directory Updates section will also sort. In the coming days we will be including the details of the changes applied to each park's listing (as it was on the previous website).

Trip Routing

Find Passport America Participating Campgrounds along your route with our trip routing feature. The map below will show you the route. Below the map you will be provided with written directions and "at a glance" details of the parks along your route.

The "at a glance" details on the right include the number of the park on the map, nightly rates, phone number and photo if available. You can click on the park's name in the map or in the "at a glance" section to access the campground details.

Additional features will be added in the coming days and months. We will keep you posted of these features as they are added.

Feel free to send any suggestions to us at 

Happy RVing! 
- All of us at Passport America

Monday, November 17, 2014 How-To RV Video Tips From Long-Term Full-Timers - Passport America Member Spotlight

Peter & John, better known as The RVgeeks, have been full-timing for nearly 12 years, and have been loyal Passport America members almost from the start. Although their "day job" is designing websites for RV parks and campgrounds, most RVers are probably more familiar with their how-to videos. With more than 6.2 million views and nearly 34,000 subscribers, their channel is one of the most popular about RVing on YouTube.

While the Geeks aren't professional technicians, they're very mechanically inclined do-it-yourselfers who have become very proficient in managing RV systems. They've learned a few things the hard way, sharing their techniques so that you don’t have to!

While most of their videos feature their 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire, many of the subjects they cover apply to every class of RV. Their goal is to help other RVers go DIY, saving time & money while experiencing the satisfaction of maintaining their RVs themselves.

The way Peter & John started making how-to-RV videos was very organic. In 2010, they invited a couple of friends to join them on a 10-day road trip through Southern Utah's National Parks. Their friends had no prior RVing experience, but suddenly they were totally hooked! Within a year, they purchased their own RV, also a 2005 Newmar (it had come so well-recommended, it was a natural choice)!

Of course these newbies had a lot of questions for the only other RVers they knew. Since Peter & John were located on the opposite side of the country, they suggested that they make a few videos about how to operate some of the basic systems, then upload them to YouTube for their friends to watch.

But it occurred to them that videos about dumping tanks, sanitizing the fresh water system, hooking up at RV parks, etc might be something other new RVers would appreciate as well. So they created the RVgeeks YouTube channel and started uploading videos. Within a year, their views and subscribers had taken off.

This year, they created their own website,  to better connect with their viewers. They not only post their video content, but also share their favorite RVing gear (all of which they personally use and recommend). One of their most popular features are their giveaways, where viewers have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars worth of great equipment for their rigs.

Whether you’re an RV newbie, a wannabe, or a seasoned full-timer like The RVgeeks, their videos will help you get more out of RVing. Visit their website at or their YouTube channel at

Thursday, November 6, 2014

RVillage – Travel. Park. Connect. New Social Network for RVers - Featured Sponsor

“Why is it so hard to meet people while we travel??” This sentiment may be a thing of the past thanks to is the new Social Network for RVers
It's no secret that one of the potential challenges of life on the road is finding lasting community. Many RVers have likely had conversations like the following, either internally or with loved ones: “How do I/we meet and stay connected with fellow like-minded travelers? After all, it’s not just about the places we go, our real joy is in the friendships we forge along the way”. A new social network designed for RVers and campers,, has emerged and has created the solution to meeting others on the road by removing chance from the equation. With over 11,000 members in just a few short months, this social network for RVers seems to be gaining some serious traction among RVers.
RVillage Founder and CEO, Curtis Coleman

RVillage is a free online social networking site that allows members to create a personal profile, make posts to a live home feed, find each other through some impressive mapping tools, upload photos, and create meetups.

One of the most unique functions of is the ease in which an RVer can virtually “check-in” to the RV Park they are staying at and see if there are others in the park as well. Members of the site, AKA “Villagers” can then explore other members up to 250 miles of their location, up to 250 miles around a destination they are going to, or within 25 miles along their route to a new location. Nothing like this has existed for RVers until now. Members can also find each other based on similar interests, itinerary mapping tools, discussion forums, and event-planning functions. They can also communicate with each other in real-time on the site’s home feed.

Create a route and see the other members along your way.

RV Parks have had an especially keen interest in spreading the word of RVillage as well. Villagers can organize potlucks, mini-rallies, and meet-n-greets wherever they are and the RV Parks benefit greatly from this increased revenue. These “Get-Togethers” are common occurrences among members, and RV Parks are encouraged to create their own and can reach out to RVers up to 100 miles of the park’s location to offer deals and specials. “As an RV park owner, provides a simple way for park administration to communicate with guests who have “checked-in” using the RVillage site communication tools, and to reach out to the other RVers in the surrounding area. This free service for our parks encourages guests to connect and socialize with each other, and we all know that when guests are having a good time, they tend to stay longer! Of course having our parks easy to locate on the site provides excellent publicity too”, says Cathie Carr, President Escapees RV Club. Park owners and managers can simply “Claim” their RV Park page on the site for free, and introduce to their guests at registration. “As an avid RVer, I enjoy keeping up with my friend’s travels, locating where they are in case I am in the vicinity, and easily coordinating an impromptu lunch or dinner with them. In my opinion it is a “no-lose” option all the way around for the RVer and the Park”, explains Cathie.

There are a variety of Groups to join on

RVillage is built for RVers, by RVers as well. Curtis Coleman, founder of RVillage, has vast experience in the RVing world. As a fulltimer himself, the website has all the characteristics of a real community. “We are not just creating a tool for RVers to be able to find each other easily. We are creating a true ‘Village’ where everyone can feel comfortable connecting with strangers that we all have so much in common with. A common conversation on RVillage is that the people who are joining are so nice, helpful, and have a genuine desire to see it grow and flourish” says Coleman. “We love that so many of the large RV Clubs like Escapees and Passport America have embraced RVillage and see how it can enhance the lifestyle for their membership and participating parks.” Coleman explains further, “Since launched in Spring 2014, pages and pages of blog posts have been created about RVillage. Similarly, over 800 member-created discussion groups based on various interests exist on the site. RVillage is currently hosted in the ‘cloud’ for scalability and we have recently launched a mobile experience for smart phones as well. We are building this to last. We want it to be around for a long long time, and from the feedback we are experiencing so far, the RVing community is seeing a valuable need being met”.

RVillagers enjoying a meetup in Elkhart. (Photo credit:

“Fabulous evening meeting up with fellow RVers we discovered in our own campground via RVillage! We all arrived as strangers.. and leave as friends. That's what it's all about!”-

     -Chris and Cherie/

“[W]e can see the RV-Dreamers all over the country, see who's in our area, and see who all may be close to each other.  We've been hoping for something like this for a long, long time.”

“So, we think RVillage is a wonderful concept, and we're excited that RV-Dreamers can use it as a tool to connect more easily, organize get-togethers, and keep track of each other.”

    -RV-Dreams (Howard and Linda)

“Check it out, I think this new social network is going to be a winner!”

    - Nick Russel, Gypsy Journal

To see if RVillage is a useful tool for you on your travels or to claim your park, you can sign up for a free account at

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Zachary Taylor RV Resort, Okeechobee, FL - Passport America Participating Park

Need to escape from the cold but worry you can’t afford to winter in Florida? Looking to retire permanently to warmer climates? Perhaps searching for a secluded weekend retreat? Do you fear you’ll have to settle for a crowded, urban area? Are you frustrated with unfriendly, rundown or dirty RV parks? Are wildlife viewing and water activities important to you? Perhaps you’re simply tired of moving your RV twice a year and storing it during the off season.

Zachary Taylor RV Resort has the solutions you seek. As a small, select resort community, we provide reasonable alternatives to high priced, crowded campgrounds. Our clean, well maintained park is located on Taylor Creek with over 3,000 feet of direct waterfront access immediately adjacent to Lake Okeechobee. We cultivate a slower, more relaxed atmosphere that virtually eliminates security issues so our guests have a worry free home away from home. As a bonus, we have options to store your RV, off season, and secure your favorite spot for next year.

We put the Snowbird life well within reach. You’ll find world class angling, abundant water activities and exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities. Most important, you’ll step into a warm, active and inviting community that’s safe and secure.

Call us today to learn how you can winter, retire or weekend retreat in an affordable rural waterfront community only minutes from first-rate health care, excellent restaurants and plenty of shopping. Embrace the warmth and charm of Old Florida – secure your place in the sun before all the good sites are gone!

"I reserved two nights in March 2014. Liked it so much that I stayed for a week. I spoke to several couples who had stayed here and ended up becoming permanent residents. There is new owner/management and people were saying that things were even better than before. Before leaving, I also bought here. My permanent home is in Miami, so it's only 122 miles. Even in the summer months we are having a good time: Cinco de Mayo potluck with piƱata and a July 4th pig roast. Staff are very friendly. I agree with the comments in the 2010 testimonial viz birds, shade trees, and facilities. Screened (heated in winter) pool is a big plus. " - Sandra Kramer 7/24/2014

"Zachary Taylor RV Resort is a real treasure! We wanted to stay in the Okeechobee area but were concerned the area facilities would be too primitive – this park quelled our fears. Everything about the place said ‘old Florida charm’ and it was exceptionally clean and well maintained. The managers could not have been nicer or more accommodating. Our site in the park was beautifully situated right on the river and shaded by beautiful, old cypress trees and there were exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities right outside your door. We are avid kayakers and were stunned at how close this site was to several beautiful rivers. The park is truly Florida’s Best Kept Secret, laid back, a great value and we expect to return very soon! We camped here in a 40’ motor home in July."
Ellen Kaminsky 8/19/2010

Okeechobee, FL - 34974
Local: (863) 763-3377
Toll Free: (888) 282-6523

Regular Rate:     $47.00*
Passport Rate:     $23.50*

55+. Open year-round! From November 1st through March 31st, 2 night minimum stay required. Site preference not guaranteed. Reservations accepted. No other discounts apply. Credit cards accepted. Pets welcome. *Rates are for two people. $3.00 for each additional

Westwind RV & Golf Resort, Yuma, AZ - New Passport America Participating Park

Westwind RV & Golf Resort offers it’s guests the very best that adult RV resort life has to offer. Whether it’s inspiration or relaxation that you seek, Westwind has what you’re looking for. Simply relax and spoil yourself in our luxurious comforts, or endeavor upon anyone of the many activities that Westwind and its surrounding area have to offer. Meticulously landscaped sites, first class facilities, a consistently pleasing climate and a warm and friendly hospitality make Westwind RV & Golf Resort a clear choice for your premiere RV resort destination.

Westwind RV & Golf Resort is definitely more than a resort, it’s a lifestyle worth living. Activities and amenities to suit any lifestyle await you at this five star resort located in the foothills of sunny YUMA, Arizona.

Westwind RV & Golf Resort was designed and built in 1985 with you in mind. Your active lifestyle has been the pattern followed to provide a resort that caters to your needs. The many changes and upgrades completed in the summer of 1998 will further enhance your desire to be a part of Westwind RV & Golf Resort. Peace of mind is inspired by careful attention to the mind, body and spirit. Such is life at Westwind. Whether it is for a few days or a lifetime, Westwind is home, community, health, recreation and beauty for adults 55 and better.

Located in the foothills of sunny YUMA, Arizona, between the rolling hills of San Diego and the hub of Phoenix/Scottsdale, Westwind RV & Golf Resort is one of the newest, largest and most affordable senior destinations in the country. And, if playing great golf isn’t enough, a plethora of amenities and activities guaranteed to stimulate the mind, exercise the body and raise your spirits high await you!

With brand new sites and facilities, Westwind RV Resort is truly distinguished by its opulent surroundings and many conveniences. However, it’s the warmth and camaraderie of the guests and residents which best characterizes our world-class golf and RV resort. After all, at a luxury resort hotel, how often is it that you find yourself visiting with the folks next door?

More videos available here. Be sure to visit our website and follow us online - Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Westwind RV & Golf Resort
9797 E 32rd St
Yuma, AZ - 85365

Local: (928) 342-2992
Toll Free: (866) 440-2992

Rates: Regular - $50.00*
PA Member Rate - $25.00*

NOTES: PA valid 3 days, please see management for discount on longer stays. Reservations required. Credit cards accepted. Pets welcome. *Rates are for 2 people. $3 for each additional person.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wilderness Oaks RV Resort, Rockport, TX - New Passport America Participating Park

A Coastal Bend RV Camping Paradise Near Corpus Christi, TX

Wilderness Oaks RV Resort offers a great experience for those seeking Texas RV camping opportunities along the Gulf Coast. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy fishing, boating, beaches, photography, hiking and biking. There are tons of great attractions nearby.

The whole family will enjoy our beautiful pool.

During the summer, our onsite Activities Director coordinates children's programs like swimming, movie & pizza night, board games, crafts and other events in the pool and recreation center. Parents are encouraged to participate and to suggest other activities they would be interested in organizing. Children can also enjoy time to themselves in our supervised environment.

Each winter we install a dome over our swimming pool for your comfort.

During the winter months, you can join in our many community events, including holiday dinners, potlucks, musical performances, karaoke, dances, exercise & craft classes and nearby attractions. You're sure to make wonderful new friends and have lots of fun at our Corpus Christi, Rockport/Fulton, Aransas Pass & Port Aransas area RV community.

Our large laundry makes wash day a breeze.

Wilderness Oaks RV Resort is minutes from Gulf Coast beaches, great fishing and tons of Corpus Christi activities. Whatever your outdoor interests, you'll love it here at Wilderness Oaks.

Each winter we install a dome over our swimming pool for your comfort.

You can spend the day on a charter fishing boat, relaxing or walking on the sandy beach, or exploring nearby scenic Coastal Bend towns.

Our Rockport, Texas RV park guests enjoy large, level, full hook-up sites with 20/30/50-amp electric power, Wi-Fi, cable TV, picnic tables, grassy areas and mature landscaping.

A full-service kitchen is perfect for making community meals on special occasions.

We hope you'll stop by for a visit. Our welcoming Coastal Bend RV Park Community is the perfect Winter Texan getaway along the Gulf Coast. Come meet your new friends here at Wilderness Oaks RV Resort. We have great new managers and workcampers who will give you that feeling the moment you arrive (plus a very open and warmhearted community with lots of lovely people, too). You'll feel like family in no time!

Plenty of space for 'Big Rigs' with multiple slide-outs

Visit us on the web or follow on Facebook

Wilderness Oaks RV Resort
4851 Hwy 35 N
Rockport , TX - 78382
(361) 729-2307

Rates: Regular - $35.00
PA Member Rate - $17.50

NOTES: PA is valid for six nights. Please see website for reservation policy. Credit cards accepted. No smoking. Pets welcome.

Each site has a picnic table, cable TV, Wi-Fi and full hook-ups with 20/30/50-amp electric.

Cajun RVera, New Iberia, LA - New Passport America Participating Park

Cajun RVera Poolside Spring 2014

Cajun RVera welcomes you to experience the newest RV park in Cajun Country! This RV park sits on 40 acres of land and currently has 185 RV sites. But they aren’t stopping there! They have future plans to expand to 300. It is conveniently located next to the SugArena in New Iberia, Louisiana. If you have any special events you’re planning, they have a pavilion that is available for rent!

2014 Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Park Amenities: 185 total RV sites, can accommodate RV’s up to 75 ft. There is 30/50 amp service available. There are pull-thru sites, full hookups, free Wi-Fi, restrooms, showers, laundry, clubhouse, concession area, heated swimming pool with a swim-up bar, splashpad, lazy river, fire rings, game room, security, and stocked pond on site!
There is always room for fun on the dance floor.

Check-out Cajun RVera's Calendar of Park Events.

New Iberia’s Festivals:

•    New Iberia hosts the Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival in September. Sugar Cane Festival, celebrates the commencement of the sugar cane harvest, locally referred to as grinding. Sugar cane is a principal crop grown by New Iberia farmers.
•    El Festival Espanol de Nueva Iberia, in November.
•    World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off on the second full weekend in October.
•    Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in April
•    Acadiana Dragon Boat Festival in March
•    Blitz Dance Competition in January

Check-out more events at the SugArena Acadiana Fairgrounds website.
Splash Pad at the Cajun RVera.

Cajun RVera is located 5 miles from New Iberia and 20 miles from Broussard. Take Exit 126(Jefferson Island Exit) from Hwy 90. Take a left onto Frontage Rd and go about ¾ mile. Take a right onto Hwy 3212 and travel 1 mile. Your destination is on the right!

Cajun RVera
713 Nw Bypass Hwy
New Iberia , LA - 70560
(337) 256-8681

Rates: Regular - $30.00*
PA Member Rate - $15.00*
NOTES: PA is valid Sunday thru Wednesday nights. PA is not valid during holiday weekends. Reservations accepted. Drive-ups welcome. Credit cards accepted. Pets welcome. *Plus tax. Rates are for 2 people only. $5 for each add’l person.  

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