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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

About RVing Illustrated - Featured Sponsor

RVing Illustrated is an online presence that is dedicated to bringing you RVing information to your fingertips. Such as: places, reviews, cooking, ideas, tips and more. Besides their website (, they also incorporate the use of social media like: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Started in March of 2012, RVing Illustrated was a collaborative effort brought forth by Brian and Angie Wood. Brian and Angie really enjoy the time they get to RV when not working at their full time jobs. Brian as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Angie as a Medical Coder, really cherish the downtime they get with each other and enjoy spending it by getting away from the day-to-day rat race in their RV. Brian grew up where his family didn’t do many weeklong vacation trips. Traveling was done in a day or on short weekend trips. To this day, he still enjoys traveling that way, as well as does Angie. While they might not get to go far away, there are always new places and things to see. And they often enjoy revisiting many of the same ones. You will be really surprised what’s basically in your own backyard. You just have to get out and not be afraid to find it. 

In their 40’s, Brian and Angie also want to urge the younger crowd to get out and RV more. You don’t have to be rich to do it and you don’t have to go far to enjoy it. Start off small. With something you can afford. Today it might be only a tent. Tomorrow it may be that luxury 45’ Class A diesel pusher. Brian says “I don’t know what my health or my wealth will be like when I am able to retire. I do know that right now, we are healthy and make enough money to be able to do this now and to be able to enjoy with our child. Even if we didn’t have the motorhome, we would feel the same way. We have done it in a tent and we have moved on up to where we are at now. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just get out and do it!”

They not only enjoy RVing and camping, but they enjoy talking about it and sharing their experiences and knowledge with others. Since the birth of RVing Illustrated, Brian and Angie have gone from rving in a 35’ travel trailer (pulled with a Ford F250 CC) to now a 32’ Class C motorhome. They originally started their RV lifestyle back in 2000 with a pop up camper (before that a tent), and their knowledge has vastly improved. They feel there can never be enough information out there and the ability to offer their perspective.
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