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Thursday, February 20, 2014

PA Member Spotlight - Moving On With Margo Blog

This is my 18th year traveling full-time and my fourth year as a "solo." My enthusiasm for the RV lifestyle really shows when you read one of my eBooks or visit my blog. It is a lifestyle that brings out the best in people. I have owned and operated two businesses, authored 18 eBooks (6 about the RV lifestyle), created a weekly blog, written articles for other RV lifestyle resources, and managed to sneak in a couple of years of homeschooling. Whatever your passion, do it on the road...that is my motto. 

There are so many more young people and single women enjoying the lifestyle today than ever before. They discovered that there are no downsides to life on the road. I see RVs pulling 25-foot trailers with all the tools of their trade, toy haulers carrying their favorite playthings, rodeo competitors living in high style with their horses, and the list goes on.  

Life on the road is catching on in a big way. Record-breaking sales of new and used RVs are making the news.

Even if you only travel during the summer, or spend the winter in a warm place, the RV lifestyle opens a completely new world to you. Now you can spend those months visiting new and exciting places rather than be stuck in one place all season. Anytime it gets boring, move on.

The RV social life is not based on the size of your rig, or the cut of your clothes. Your neighbor can become your best friend, inviting you to outdoor activities, drinking parties, or long conversations. You can also easily isolate yourself and find friendship only when you want it. You are the captain of your rig, total control over your environment, in command in every way.

My blog,, highlights the RV lifestyle with posts that put you in the driver's seat. Once you really see the big picture, the fear dissipates and a clearer vision emerges. 

I blog about maintenance procedures that you can handle yourself to keep your RV running smoothly. Look for driving tips, helpful insights on living a comfortable lifestyle, saving money on the road, where to find work, the latest RV fads, and more ... new posts every Friday. Even RV lifestyle superstars stop by for a chat now and then. Find out about tiny homes on wheels, Tincan Tourists, and vintage Airstreams. 

My goal is to make the RV lifestyle seem friendly, interesting, adventurous, and safe, all at the same time. Take your family with you, or travel solo, it is there waiting. Spend your leisure time on the water, on the greens, on the dance floor, or watching the sunset ... maybe all in one day. It is all up to you. 

Margo Armstrong

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